We are a full line Kyocera Document Solutions Laser Class Dealer including 100 years of combined industry experience! Our factory trained technicians and customer service representatives create a simple yet impactful experience.


The office version of a Swiss army knife, this product is designed to do it all. MFP, short for Multi-Functional Product, gives you the most features without requiring additional equipment. MFPs can copy, print via network connection, scan and fax. Select from desktop to full console size units in monochrome or color. Optional finisher attachments offer features such as stapling, hole punching, and folding. Combine all of this with our patented Hy-Pass applications and our MFPs will have all of your needs covered.


The key to any productive work environment is the ability get what you need where and when you need it. Every one of our printers prints at least 37 pages per minute so you get reports, bills and documents where they need to be quickly. We offer printers for single users, major work groups, and everyone in between. Available in color and monochrome.


In engineering and construction, nothing is more important than accurate plans and correct job bids. Our wide-format machines print in accordance with all ASME standards to ensure maximum accuracy for every job. Print, copy, or scan drawings and schematics from multiple workstations on our network-enabled devices.


For start-ups and businesses with low margins, brand new office equipment may put a larger-than-practical dent in your profit. That’s why M&M Office Products offers off-lease reconditioned equipment. This reliable equipment is a great way to get the technology you need without breaking the bank. Most off-lease products are lightly used and operate with current technology.

All of our refurbished machines are Kyocera Document Solution products. Our factory-trained technicians who know the product inside and out inspect the machines and resolve any existing inefficiencies before the machine is made available for sale.  From console MFPs to desktop MFPs, black and white or color, we have what you need to succeed.


M&M Office Products carries a wide variety of “non-printing” office equipment to suit your needs:

  • Shredders:  Available in many sizes, from the size of your standard office trashcan to 20 gallons and beyond.  With both straight cut and crosscut features , M&M can provide the best secure document destruction to suit your needs.
  • Folders:  Ideal for the customer who produces many pamphlets or brochures, our folding machines allow for many different dimensions and variety in the number and direction of folds. If you currently outsource folding jobs, these machines will pay for themselves in no time.


M&M provides leasing options for budget minded customers. We hold all of our own leases, removing the pesky middle man. This makes your experience totally inclusive with us, from start to finish. We have a wide range of leasing periods with flexible terms. Contact us for more details.